How to open an account

Basic Requirements for Opening of Current Account:

1. Application to declare no Current Account in any other bank for the same.
2. Ration Card or Councilor certificate attached with a photo
3. Authorized person to operate the account.
4. Driving Licence or Voter card
5. One introducer
6. One copy stamp size photo
7. Minimum Deposit Rs.5000/-
8. PAN Card
9. IT Clearence Certificate
10. Trade Licence
11. Rubber Stamp
12. Affidavit(For Proprietorship)/Partnership Deed (For Partnership firm)


Basic Requirements for Opening of Savings Account:

At the time of opening of Savings Bank A/c any one of the following documents should be taken for the purpose of Identification of the Accountant Holder:


             2.PAN Card issued by IT Deptt.

       3.Voter Identity Card

       4.Driving Licence

       5.Govt/Defence Identity Card

             6.Identity card of a reputed employer

       7.Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying the identity on the photograph of the customer.

      For the purpose of address of the customer any of the following will be considered:

           1.Ration Card        

            2.Recent Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill

      3.Recent Bank Account Statement             

      4.Letter  from any recognized public authority

            5.Letter  from reputed Employer

      6.Identity card of a reputed employer

Basic Requirements for Opening of Term & Fixed Deposit:

      1.Customer having Savings Bank A/c  must produce Passbook .


If Customer not having Savings Bank Account then Xerox copy of the following documents to be submitted:

      2.Ration Card or Electricity Bill or telephone Bill

           3.Residential Certificate attached with a photo

           4.Driving Licence or Voter card or PAN Card issued by IT Deptt.

           5.One copy stamp size photo


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