Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements for Opening of Savings Account:
At the time of opening of Savings Bank A/c any one of the following documents should be taken for the purpose of Identification of the Accountant Holder:

  1. Passport
  2. PAN Card issued by IT Deptt.
  3. Voter Identity Card
  4. Driving Licence
  5. Govt/Defence Identity Card
  6. Identity card of a reputed employer
  7. Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying the identity on the photograph of the customer.

For the purpose of address of the customer any of the following will be considered:

  1. Ration Card        
  2. Recent Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill
  3. Recent Bank Account Statement             
  4. Letter  from any recognized public authority
  5. Letter  from reputed Employer
  6. Identity card of a reputed employer


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